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Welcome to Paw Paw's!

We invite you to visit us...

Paw Paw's Pets provides Daycare, Boarding, Salon, and Obedience Training to all breeds of dogs. We specialize in giving individualized care and time to each of our pets who comes through our doors! After a day of play in and around our play areas, your pup will definitely return home completely exercised and socialized. Don't be surprised if they fall asleep before eating their evening meal!

Rebecca Wilson is the owner and operator of Paw Paw's. She is a certified educator (K-12) of over 17 years. Also, Rebecca is a certified obedience trainer and Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator. In addition, she enjoys providing a great salon experience as a seasoned groomer to all pups who visit Paw Paw's.
Rebecca is President of Mid-South Canines for Veterans, a nonprofit organization that provides obedience training to adopted shelter dogs to become service dogs to military veterans and first responders with PTSD.  Rebecca believes in treating each individual Paw Paw's pup like they are her own. Her personal dogs are Lyla (black mouth cur/pit bull mix) Blue (American pit
bull terrier), Annette (black mouth cur mix)and Maxx (wolf hybrid).
          Annette, Service Dog
Maddie, Rebecca's daughter, is her second-in-command, and is a HUGE help! Maddie obedience trains with her dog, Heiwa. Heiwa is a demo service dog that enjoys attending field trips around town and helping out in obedience class as a "model", well-behaved canine.
At Paw Paw's, Rebecca, Maddie, and canine handlers enjoy taking the utmost care of your pet and ensure they will have a great time playing and making friends while visiting Paw Paw's!

Meet the Paw Paw's Handlers!

The Paw's Paw's Handlers are the Best in Memphis! Jordan and Maddie are educated and experienced in managing our awesome pack every day. Jordan is Paw Paw's general manager and an experienced obedience trainer who focuses on socialization, safety, and close monitoring of the Paw Paw's Pack.  The Paw Paw's duo are friendly, carefully monitor the pack, sing to, play with, and enjoy working the pups to maintain safety and allow for proper play and socialization. Give them a friendly wave when you see them outside!

Dog's Choice! The Paw Paw's Pack plays inside and outside, their choice, on days with inclement weather-cold, icy, rainy, and/or hot.

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