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The Paw Paw's Team

The Paw's Paw's Team is the Best in Memphis! Jordan and Madison are educated and experienced in managing our awesome pack every day.   Jordan and Madison are friendly, carefully monitor the pack, sing to, play with, and enjoy working the pups to maintain safety and allow for proper play and socialization. Give them a friendly wave when you see them outside!

Jordan Robinson is from Memphis, TN. She served in the United States military and has a profound love for working with dogs. Jordan has 4 dogs of her own at home. She is a basic obedience trainer who specializes in socialization training of the dogs at Paw Paw's so they may engage safely and within established boundaries. Jordan uses her military background to create a pack environment consisting of behavioral routine, awareness, and consistency in appropriate behaviors.  Don't be surprised if you see her working dogs in a pack of 60+, and they are doing sits and downs upon command!

Madison is from Chicago, IL, and is currently a sophomore at the University of Memphis.She has always been in an animal-oriented family. From having a horse growing up to working on a baby goat and sheep farm, and always having dogs, she has dedicated a large majority of her life to having and being surrounded by all types of animals. A life without animals would not be complete, especially her inclination for caring for dogs. Recently, Madison eagerly adopted sweet little Hades, found by on the street by one of Paw Paw's owners, pictured above. Madison is excited to be caring for these precious pups and being a member of a hard-working team centered on....dogs!

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