To attend Daycare, your dog must undergo a scheduled evaluation which includes completing an application and a temperament assessment.  Temp assessments evaluate your dog's ability to interact with the humans and other dogs.


Call 901-286-5488 to schedule one today! Please bring copies of each of the following to your evaluation appointment so we can fulfill both our own and the county's requirements:

  • A copy of your completed application

  • Proof of current vaccinations Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella

  • Sterility certificate (after 6 mos old)

  • Current license

  • Complete medical records for any ongoing medical issues

  • Must be at least 16 weeks old

One Dog:

10-day pass  $225

20-day pass  $405


Monthly Unlimited Day Pass $300


Two Dogs:

10-day pass  $325

20-day pass  $575


Monthly Unlimited Day Pass  $425

Three Dogs:

10-day pass   $410

Monthly Unlimited Day Pass 


***No "Single Day" passes are offered at this time.